Refund for closed Volumio Superstar membership not given - I was told its per terms and conditions

Hi team,

I have been using Volumio for quite sometime now and upgraded to superstar in 2019 for yearly plan.

In November, i have sold off my Digione Signature and would be investing in another device. I forgot to turn off the annual renewal as i would not be needing it at the moment.

On 29th December 2020, i was charged with full amount and i responded to the email(as written in email to reply in case of any help) saying, i wish to cancel for this year but receive a response to cancel and work with KINO to get refund

on 31st i cancelled the subscription and requested for money back. My subscription was cancelled, still no money was refunded.

upon opening a support case, within a day, i was told we wont refund the money as per terms and conditions and you can receive a credit to us in volumio.
To be honest, this is not acceptable and i am entitled to a refund as i didnt use the subscription at all after renewal and i dont wish to continue. This experience has left me with a sour taste and i am contemplating to not use it in future.

Looking forward to see what can be done

Hi, we are examining your case internally and we will be back to you shortly via email :wink:

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Thanks a lot. Eagerly waiting for your response.