Reduce Gain DAC?

Hi Everyone,

I’m using actually Volumio since a while with Nanosound DAC (1st generation) with volume disabled connected to a Sansui AU-717 amp, I’m pretty happy with the results, the thing is when I play music, the DAC outputs quite high volume/gain so I have to set the Sansui’s volume very low, almost 1-2 steps from the minimum, so I would like to ask you whether there’s a way to reduce the gain of the DAC to something like 50% keeping the volume mixer disabled, I’m aware that volume itself tunes the gain but if I activate software volume it will reduce sound quality and hardware mixer makes nothing to the volume, just doesn’t react.

Any hint will be appreciated!


Hi Bruno,

The Nanosound DAC has built in hardware volume control. Why not simply using this ?


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Hi Josef,
Thanks, I expected to used it but after a reply from Nanomesher forum I’ve realized that I misconfigured the volume options…
Just for the records, here’s the link where it shows how to it need to be properly done: