Rebooting, disc corrupt?

Hello Support!

I’ve been having some problems when i reboot my device. When the device is restarting the SDcard data seem corrupt and it can not boot properly so I have to reflash volumio again win win32 disk image writer, happened twice now. First fresh install i did was this weekend.

What may be the cause of this? My SDcard is a brand new MicroSDHC Transcend, 32GB, Class 10, 300x

It is possible that the power suply isn’t strong enough thus increasing the chance that there are interrupts while writing on the SD card making it corrupt.
Did you have the same problem with other OSes and/or SD’s?

everything is brand new. Gonna test another SD card, it ran smooth yesterday. Rebooted in several times even pulled the cable without shutting it down properly.

I have a Hifiberry connected to it. Could it be some issue here?

Gonna see if i can get some log data gathered, posting later.

The charger ive got is specially for Raspberry, ordered it knowing that its a quality supply. Says Pi supply on it.

Ok i reinstalled. Removed hifiberry dac+ to make sure its not the cause.

Booted and rebooted a couple of times. everything is fine. I then go to menu, i choose DAC hifiberry +, i enable spotify, and i check for updates.

I then reboot again from menu and now I am stuck and can’t boot up properly again.
VFS PANIC unable to root mount FS on unkown-block 179


I had the exact same thing happen to me today.
I updated a solidly working PI B+ to 1.55 yesterday. Played it for hours on end and was delighted with the results.
Rebooted this morning and several of the filesystems were corrupted. Tried fsck to repair but to no avail.
Reimaging right now and will try again. If it gets corrupted again I will fall back to 1.51.
Hope we find out why this may be occurring.

I swapped SD card to an old one. it’s been working fine now since install. thumbs crossed :wink:

I’m getting this error, also. Two different cards, two different power adapters. Going to try the 1.51 image.