really basic question about serving music

[size=150]Hello everyone.

I have an operating music server in my house (Netgear NAS / Logitech Media Server / various squeezebox players).
I also have a workshop which is far enough away from the house that I can’t pickup the wifi signal from my house. So, I set about building another music server for the workshop, but figured I would try doing this one with a raspberry pi…

So I thought (incorrectly??) that I could get a raspberry pi, connect a hifiberry dac+, a wifi dongle and an external hard drive (with all the music files), and create a headless music player which I could then connect directly to the amplifier in the stereo system in the workshop and control from my iphone.

Have I missed something completely?? Every youtube video I watch and every website I read about how to setup a R-Pi as a music server always seems to direct me to connect to my (existing home) wifi router. Although I can obviously do that to initally set this up, I can’t receive that same house broadband signal in the workshop, and I want the raspberry pi to stand alone down there… I want it to pick up the flac files on my hard drive, process them, send them to the dac+ and into the rca jacks on the back of my stereo. And I want to be able to pick the music from my iphone.

Is this possible, or do I have some gross misunderstanding about what I am trying to accomplish?

Thanks in advance for any help - much appreciated.


A hotspot feature will be introduced in the next release that means you will not need to connect it to your wifi, the RPi will act as the access point.

Have you thought about a wireless range extender or powerline ethernet adapters rather than keeping multiple copies of your music all over the place?

Thanks for the reply, AlphaPapa;
Yes, I’ve considered them. I have powerline ethernet, but found it didn’t work very well in the outbuildings (no idea why). I don’t have any sort of “halfway” point for a range extender; it would end up being back at the house.
Since posting, I have found a couple of ideas about how to make the Pi a server (rather than just a player). For the most part, it seems pretty painful - if I’d known about the upcoming hotspot feature, I might have waited! Still - I think I can do this. We’ll see!
Thanks again,