Read only file system on micro-SD card

I recently used a new 128GB micro-SD card on my Pi4 Volumio and then found I could no longer add favourites, web radio favourites or create playlists.

When I try to edit the favourites file directly I get a read-only filesystem error.

volumio@volumio-lounge:/data/favourites$ cp radio-favourites radio-favourites.old
cp: cannot create regular file 'radio-favourites.old': Read-only file system

After lots of reading this seems to be related to journaling on EXT3 / EXT4 - is it possible to turn this off to fix this problem?

If so, please could you explain how? I’m a beginner with linux so am way out of my depth!


I should have said that the previous card was 64gb and I did a full new reinstall - Etcher to add the image to the new card, then full manual setup on the new card in the Pi

Consequently it appears to be something unique to the card, I guess.

So, flashed a new 32GB card to try that - while setting it up it won’t let me install the touch screen plugin because the file system is read-only! What is going on? So confusing!

And the same on another new card - this one won’t even boot due to read-only file system! Is there an issue with this version of Volumio, I wonder?

I’m beginning to think the Pi has a hardware problem - will source another to test on - and then report back.

The most common cause of such problems is a Power Sypply issue where the PSU is either supplying a marginally low voltage or the supply voltage is dropping under load. I have also found that the most frequent culprit is a poor quality MicroUSB cable rather than the PSU itself.

Having said that, I have had similar symptoms with 128GB MicroSD Cards that I bought on eBay. These turned out to be fakes when I checked with SanDisk International Support who were very helpful and gave me the proof I needed to get a refund from PayPal.

Thank you, @Wheel_nut - I have now acquired a new Pi4 and established that it is a fault on the original one. It seems that the micro-SD card is not making consistent contact with the board.

The new Pi4 is working well with the same 128GB card so I’m confident I’ve sorted this.