RC2 Hotfix VMWare Virtua Machine

Is there a VMWare image for the RC2 Hotfix? The only one I have found on the github repo is for Beta1. Thanks!

No, there isn’t. I have used VirtualBox sofar (to develop x86 images) and create a VirtualBox .vmdk from the generated x86 image.
I don’t know if you can do anything like that with WMWare.

How did you do it via VirtualBox? VirtualBox vs VMWare doesn’t matter to me, I’ll go with whatever works.

Ok, you could start with installing the latest version of virtualbox on either windows or linux and create a virtual machine with Debian jessie (or Ubuntu), this will help you with other things too. You would not need more than 15mb disk storage.
The complete guide I will post9 this weekend as I’m not at home just now.

Thanks for the info, a complete guide would be great!

How can i run the latest code inside vmware image? I downloaded the vmware image, removed everything in /volumio folder and then followed the instructions on github (clone the repo, npm install and run node). It starts up successfuly, but when opening IOP:3000/dev/ does open up. I have not seen any error at startup.

Any ideas? What do you use to develop volumio?

refer to the WIKI in http://github.com/volumio/Build for s small guide on how to use Virtualbox 5.1 as the build environment.

Can someone explain how to update from the VMware Volumio 2 Beta1 image to the latest Volumio 2 version?

Or is it possible to run the Volumio version for PC (X86/X64) in a VM?

Look at this great guide :

Thank you, that gave me the correct hint to boot the VM with EFI. Now it´s up and running on Workstation and on an ESXi host.

you mean it did not boot legacy (syslinux)?


that’s weird.
Ok, we have just finished a new version of x86. I would be very interested to know if that one this has the issue.
If I may ask, did it not boot at all or did it get stuck after the initialisation steps in initrd?

EditThough ESXi might not have legacy boot at all (what for?), so that would be OK the way it is. What Workstation are we talking about (just curious)?

I can´t tell you at the moment. I can test this tomorrow at work. I have made there a VM with a real VMDK to boot in ESXi (without the *.img from the download).

With ESXi you can choose between legacy (BIOS) or EFI boot for your VMs. BIOS is standard mostly (maybe depends on what OS you choose).

I think you can boot in any Workstation version you want. I have made a VM in hardware version 10 to be compatible to ESXi 5.5 and higher. I used Workstation 12 but created the VM on an ESXi 6.0U2.

If you want I can provide you a download for this VM (1.2 GB). I can export it as OVA.

Ok … when I try to boot in legacy mode (BIOS) the operating system can not be found.

GRUB, which is the Volumio bootloader should work with BIOS and EFI but I can´t tell you why it does not. Maybe there is no GPT or MBR. I´am not very familiar with that.

We actually have a GPT partition and an MBR so we can use grub for uefi (using the GPT partition) and syslinux for legacy (via MBR).
There was an issue with the backup GPT table, something we sorted for the next release.
The boot process should automatically do legacy if uefi is unavaliable.
I think your install works ok.