RC2 Findings

First of all i want to thank the Volumio team for their great effort for this nice piece of software.

I want to share my findings with Volumio 2 rc2 here.
I own a raspberry 2 B with a Hifiberry Dac plus on top of it and a cabled network
After putting the downloaded image on the memory card, i booted the raspberry.
I waited for a long time trying to access it via volumio.local but i was not able to acces over the web.
After 10 minutes i decided to cut of the power and booted again.
Now i was able to access the web interface.
I added a networkshare via NFS and indexed the music flawless, no problems there.
Then i wanted to select my hifiberry as the output.
In the web interface i chose Hifiberry and rebooted the pi.
Whatever i tried, there was no sound.
So over ssh i looked into the /boot/config.txt file and changed manually

[/code] into [code]

After saving and rebooting it played over the hifiberry!
At this moment there is still one minor bug with the web interface:
I am not able to save my settings on gapless mp3 playing.
Enjoying my music i am very happy with this edition of Volumio, knowing it will only get better in time!