Raspi B+ hifiberry+ 1.5 constant menu freezes

i have just flashed the new V 1.5 on a Raspi B+ with hifiberry -
I tried to change NFS advanced settings and ever since the Library/menu doesn’t load anymore - seems stuck forever (connecting animation displayed)
until i reboot the system.

In the past I managed to mount my NAS via fstab - but it seems this also breaks the settings menus in a similar fashion for some reason:
Now I cannot access the Library/Playback/Network and System menus from my browser -
What could be the issue? a php problem?

Thanks for helping!

this is from my php. error log - basically therre a million times - could somebody explain to me what the line:
error=‘mount.nfs: invalid value for ‘nfsvers=’ option’ where id=1 means?

[04-Nov-2014 18:18:16 UTC] >>>>> mount string >>>>> mount -t nfs -o nfsvers=ro,noatime “” “/mnt/NAS/music”
[04-Nov-2014 18:18:16 UTC]
[04-Nov-2014 18:18:16 UTC] >>>>> cfgdb_update(cfg_source,dbh,Array) >>>>>
UPDATE cfg_source SET name=‘music’, type=‘nfs’, address=‘’, remotedir=‘music’, username=‘volumio’, password=‘volumio’, charset=‘utf8’, rsize=‘8048’, wsize=‘8096’, options=‘nfsvers=ro,noatime’, error=‘mount.nfs: invalid value for ‘nfsvers=’ option’ where id=1
[04-Nov-2014 18:18:41 UTC] >>>>> mount string >>>>> mount -t nfs -o nfsvers=ro,noatime “” “/mnt/NAS/music”

it seems that the nfs mount attempts entirely disable or block the php service -
so i need to reboot every time - :frowning:
the problem is i can’t even change settings in the web ui - even if i attempt to remove the mount
it freezes -

i am not a programmer and could really need some help here -

i simply need to know how to bypass the unstable web ui
and remove the wrong settings - where do i do that?
in mpd.conf?
or somewhere else?

also i would be interested to understand why it freezes and becomes completely unusable only because of a wrong nfs mount flag setting?

Thanks for reporting this. Lots of people are having issues with NFS on latest 1.5. I will investigate that.
You can reset everything, by doing

cd /home/volumio sh webuiupdate.sh reboot

Let me know

dear michelangelo

thank you very much for the update!
the system is usable now - my nfs mount is there and it works
so far - everything seems fine :slight_smile: