Raspbian and Volumio


My first message is immediately a request for help.
I bought a Raspberry Pi4 8Gb and want to install Volumio on it. What I have done is the following:
First I installed Raspbian via SD card. After that on the same SD card I installed Volumio. It all seemed to be going well. I could play music to my installation via an ifi-nano dac. When I stopped using Volumio and thought I would end up on the Raspberry in the Raspbian environment, but that was not the case. I ended up in a CDM screen where I had to enter a name and password for Volumio. Whatever I entered nothing worked. I couldn’t go back to the Raspbian screen on my R.Pi I can, however, go back to Volumio via the Chrome browser on my PC. After a reboot of the R.Pi I immediately return to that CMD screen where filling in something makes no sense (everything is false password). Now I read somewhere that installing Raspbian first and then Volumio on the same card is not the intention ??? Incomprehensible and perhaps misunderstood.
Although Volumio works, there are two other problems that have arisen.

  1. When I select Albums in Volumio, I will see them but they cannot be played. If I choose Artists then the covers are no longer correct (Volumio then selects images itself) but I can play music.
  2. Since the day before yesterday, after an hour of playing and the music suddenly stops, I get the following warning: alsa ”alsa device“ hw.5,0. No such file or directory. First it sees the device or drive and then suddenly no longer.
    So there are three questions in this post for which I am looking for a solution / explanation.
    Maybe these questions have been asked before but I don’t recognize them as such or the answers don’t help me.

Thank you in advance for reading and replying to my message, Bert.

For the first part, Volumio is an Os based on raspian. So no need to install first raspian or something else. Writing Volumio on your SD is enough and overwrite everything else.

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I will reply from a similar viewpoint as in I have just started this confusing journey.
I read a lot of stuff and mostly don’t understand the words.
Even though people are trying to be helpful.
So, i will just start with learner stuff :slight_smile: (because that is all i know.)
I did the same thing as you.

Raspbian is an Operating System.
Volumio is an operating system.
I think you can only have the one OS running at a time.
I would imagine volumio deleted raspbian from your sd card? (not sure)

I am using a 3b+.
I am controlling the volumio on my pi using chrome on my phone via my router. (headless)
when you go to look at the screen that is your pi, the password is volumio as is the username, but that is mainly for clever stuff that i am not up to.

I also discovered the main way to change things. (Today)
Plug ins.
Again, this is done by using your phone as the UI.
For example, there is a Radio Paradise PLugin which opens more channels and allows FLAC playback.

Hopefully that makes sense?

Oh, also, how have you got your music stored?
I have mine on a USB stick. which seems the right way to do it for volumio.

Thanks Balbuze, that makes one thing clear. I hope the other two questions will be answered too.

My music is stored on two hardisks and connected via the USB-ports of the Raspberry. If that isn’t the way to go maybe someone can explain and give a better solution. I could connect them to my desktop. Could it be the cause of the warning in my first post:

By the way, I work with a LAN-connection.

best way to install volumio is on a sd card ,( or eMMC for rock model) for the rpi
burn the sd image with etcher or Pi imager
after that put it in your pi and boot your pi and your done.
and yes the image of one or the other will over write your whole sd
so you will have a sd for volumio or / and a sd for your raspbian os
raspbian support usb drives to load the system , volumio doesn’t do that…
music could be on a hard drive or usb (ssd) stick… if it’s gone …just take it out and put it back in.
and you can after booting see your ip with ip addr if you put that in any browser even your mobile
to acces you volumio …after that if you rpi has a screen you could use a plugin to get your screen running
other wise you still could see it on your tv with hdmi…
and your wlan / lan will just boot with no problems on both…

So where do I connect both hd-drives best if Volumio doesn’t support drives to load the system and why does Volumio see and play from the drives for an hour and then says that it can’t find the drives?

Curiously, this afternoon, Volumio would not load my PC’s external music disc and gave many errors. Of course it may be that I still know too little to fill in the menu of Volumio as the IP address and the correct path and some other things to the external drive of my PC.
When I connected this drive via the R.Pi’s USB port, Volumio started to load the drive and after a while music could be played. In addition, it worked for more than two hours without warnings and I closed Volumio in the normal way. So using the USB port on my R.Pi is for this moment the only way for connecting my external music drive. Furthermore I have to read more instructions how to share external drives from my pc to the R.Pi.
At the same time, I like it when I receive useful advice or references to informative pages. Learning has not stopped for the time being.

system loads from a sd that’s because volumio is made for older pi’s only pi 4 4 or 8 gig supports
loading system from a drive volumio is not build on the new modern system so there is no support for those yet and what i heard it will take a long time to rebuild it for the pi 4 because it’s a whole new system.

what kind of drives do you have there are many but some need external power to run some don’t
if they support usb 3.1 the blue version if your drive is a usb 2.0 you could use the black one

if the drives won’t load reconnect them and scan again the files most of the times it will go well
i’m using a usb ssd stick and didn’t get any errors yet… it’s not a perfect solution volumio but if it works
it sounds great … shares from pc don’t match well is what i read but samba shares would work

btw i’m dutch :slight_smile: are your disks ext4,fat or ntfs formatted?

Hello dvo,
I’m Dutch too, did you smell or see it? :rofl: :joy:
I think its strange that there is hardly information about it… that Volumio doesn’t fit the R.Pi 4 4/8Gb.
The drives I use are USB 3.0 and are used in the blue ports. I can’t use a stick because the library is about 1.5 Tb. The used extern drive from the computer is NTFS formatted while the drive used on the USB-ports from the R.Pi was Exfat formatted. Both are the same copies of the originals drive.
By the way, its not my musicsystem but its a system from a girlfriend and I do assist here to assemble it.
It did look easy but it turned out to be unexpectedly difficult.

btw your last name gave it o way that your dutch bart :stuck_out_tongue:
uhm you got your self in a little mess pi 4 has no support there is only on 32bit version for the pi
and they are upgrading it to buster but that will take a while to finish
so don’t switch to 64 bit or your in a mess like me :stuck_out_tongue: stuck on a broken bad image of a half baked cookie
and no support so don’t upgrade your firmware. pi 4 8gig only has already the 64bit so it’s useless for volumio. volumio is living in the past and struggles with going to the buster release and don’t want to go
to the 64bit for now ( and what i heard that will be for a long time )

exfat should be fine.
ga naar bronnen >> mijn muziek druk op update en wacht tot je schijf is gelezen.
dan naar Muziek biliotheek >> usb >> jouw schijf naam >>dan zie je de folders van je schijf…

what kind of dac are you using because the sound of the pi alone is bad …

btw the youtube plugin is not good so don’t go there waste of time…

Volumio works fine on RPi4 4GB and 8GB. With 8GB you will note use 100% of the available RAM, but it’s not an issue because even 4GB are never filled up

Hi dvo, I’m sorry but I don’t understand what you claim.

64-bit operating systems can run in every RPi4 version, regardless the memory size. On 8GB version, it will make possible to use full amount of RAM memory, otherwise limited to little bit less than4GB with 32-bit operating systems.

There is no need to apply any downgrade, Volumio is 32-bit operating system and it will run just fine, but you will not get full amount of RAM on RPi4 8GB. As already mentioned, this is not an issue because at the moment Volumio does not require so much memory, eve 4GB are never filled up.

on raspberry pi 4 you have an embedded memory where the bootloader is stored. the bootloader has nothing to do with 32-bit or 64-bit.

On the SD-card you will have kernel and operating system, those ones can be 32-bit or 64bit

to be more precise with official terminology, the firmware is stored on the flash, the bootloader is stored on SD-card.

the only piece saved on the Raspberry Pi itself is the firmware, and it can load both 32-bit and 64-bit kernel and operating system

firmware has nothing to do with 32bit or 64bit

i repeat the firmware has nothing to do with 32-bit or 64-bit, the operating system is the responsible for how much RAM memory can be used.

I have the latest firmware on my RPi4, if I flash the SD-card with RaspiOS 64-bit I can use 8GB of RAM, if I flash the SD-card with RaspiOS 32-bit or Volumio the maximum amount of memory will be less than 4.

All of them will run just fine with latest firmware, just because it has nothing to do with 64 or 32 bit

i gonna take some coffee :slight_smile:

this is the changelog of the RPi4 firmware

as you can see, it never mention anything regarding being 32bit or 64bit

@darmur ik know that i need more coffee :slight_smile: the whole weekend looking for a fix on the youtube plugin,
and the system used will grant you or the 4 or 8 gig so 32bit system will give you 4 gig and 64bit system will give you the 8 gig so my bad …sorry :stuck_out_tongue: