Raspberry2 - NAS don't mounted.... again!

Hello! I use Volumio for my audio about one year and I need to say that this system is good for audio (more than PC + Foobar, for example).
Now I use Cubietruck with Volumio 1.4 (with USB-XMOS and Sabre DAC). System is very-very stable, sound is very-very good! I see Cubie with connected SATA HDD in my network, I easily mount NAS for it, I can play DSD and 384 PCM files, I use sound@home for control player - all work fine without any problem.

But now I want to make one more player - a “little” machine in Raspberry 2 + I2S DAC (PiDAC+). And I have a problem - I can’t mounted a NAS - the same NAS that work perfectly with Cubietruck! I use the same setting and the same name of NAS folder - nothing! I try many other setting and names - with no success! What happen? Can I copy a right setting from Cubie soft and past it in Rasp 2 soft? I can use putty a little, but I don’t know, where I can find this settings. Can you help me?

Maybe something is wrong in your settings, even if you gave right information. So you can try this https://volumio.org/forum/unable-add-modify-remove-mounts-using-webui-t2831-10.html to reset or change it.

Thank you for the answer! Sorry, but I can’t use this, because I have only “putty” (on PC) for edit software in Volumio. And I don’t think that it can help - I use clean setup, reflashing MicroSD card many time.

The problem is the Volumio freeze when I make a attempt to mount a NAS (it’s happened only when I tray to give a name of my NAS) - I can’t open any pages in Web UI! But music still play!

Very strange - If somebody have the same problem with Raspberry 2 + Volumio 1.55? Please, help me!

What I try to do

  1. Enter to the root Volumio from putty

  2. Find the string with NAS mount

  3. Try to change something - without any result

I don’t think its a good idea to edit that file with nano, as its not a text file but a SQL database file instead and should be edited only with an appropriate tool.

GL :slight_smile:

I think it is not a good idea too…
If you are on PC , mount your sd card on it and modify the /var/www/db/player.db with a tool such as http://sqlitebrowser.org.
If you are only able to access the card via the network, use pscp http://the.earth.li/~sgtatham/putty/latest/x86/pscp.exe to copy the file from your volumio device to your pc.

I agree, but I don’t know how this program work.
If I set microSD with Volumio in cardreader, I don’t see any .db files. It’s normal?