Raspberry/Volumio standalone player with ES9023 DAC and SSD

Hi everyone,

first I want to say a big “thank you” to all the guys involved in the development of Volumio - this is a really nice piece of software!

I want to give you a short impression of my own player based on Volumio/Raspi; it is my second Raspberry music player (first one was Raspi plus Hifiberry DAC). The player is running Volumio 1.55; I did not yet have the time to test Volumio 2.

Hardware is Raspi 2, Audiophonics ES9023 I2S DAC, SSD for music files (attached over USB), linear power supply with multiple regulators, 24x2 VFD from Futaba, IR control with LIRC. An additional tube output stage is planned and prepared, but currently work in progress.

A custom python script takes basic song info from mpc, parses & reformats the data and then writes the data to the VFD, making use of ADAdruits LCD library.

You can find a more detailed description on my website:

Did I say it sounds great? :slight_smile:

All the best

Wow!!! Impressive! It’s really really amazing and well thought…
Kudos! Do the knobs actually work?

Great work… lots of compliments!

Very good job. The realization is very very good.

@michelangelo: yes, the knobs work; the left one is the power switch (I had to find a 230v switch that you can “turn” insted of “flip”). the right knob is for volume control, but this does only affect the tube output; tube stage is yet to come.

very nice :slight_smile: