RaspBerry volumio, HifiBerry Dac+ and UPNP/DLNA


I am using Volumio on the new Raspberry 2 on my Quad system and was astonished by sound quality, only with the native analog output (for common flac til 44 kHz, for beyond it doesn’t work).

I use Raspberry/volumio as an UPNP renderer that i control via BubbleUpnp.

Everything was fine til I install the HifiBerry Dac+ i just received some hours ago. Now the system is not recognized anymore as an UPnP renderer on my local network.

Does anybody has an explanation for this strange behavior?



had the same problem. turned out to be a corrupt sd card. simply plugit back to a win7/8 pc and it will automatically ask you to fix it. Put it back into the raspi and the green light of the Hifiberry DAC should turn on
for more info
maikel.pro/blog/this-might- … pberry-pi/