Raspberry Pi3 with Raspberry Pi 2.4" HAT Display

Hi Guys
I operate a Raspberry Pi3 with Volumio since several month and everything is working fine and I won’t miss it. :slight_smile:

Now I was wondering if there is a solution for the 2.4" Touchscreen Display (Link: https://www.element14.com/community/docs/DOC-77883/l/24-hat-primary-display-for-the-raspberry-pi) or if this is working. As I have seen there is a plugin for the 7" touchscreen - I tested this a few months before but had to return it to the owner.

Thanks and best regards

Don’t think this will work, as you need to install a modified kernel and default Debian image, to get this going. If you do, you might have a working display but a failing media streamer.