Raspberry Pi3 + Allo Boss + LCD display?

I’m very new to this but have been running my Raspberry Pi + Volumio + Allo Boss for awhile. Amazing piece of work!
Is there a way to add a 2 line 16 character display? I see the BOSS J19 has the 5V, GND, SDA, SCL - can I use these? How do I address the LCD?

Something like this
amazon.com/Qunqi-Serial-Bac … ref=sr_1_1?

There was a post here: allo-boss-t5903-40.html
But I don’t understand the answer:

Any clues or documentation would really help - very new to this but having a lot of fun. :smiley:

Yes it is possible, but only over i2c, there are too few GPIO ports exposed for GPIO, unless you’re not affraid of soldering and voiding warranty or course. :wink:

You can find all the documentation you need on the Allo site.

Thanks Siyato - your post was the one I referenced. So the I2c is a “4 pin” (Vcc, GND, SDA, SLC) display ? That’s what I want to use. In your posting you mentioned something about the Boss board and address (0x4d) - how / what to I use to talk to the display? The Allo document says the Boss “uses” the SDA, SLC - is there a conflict?

I have the pin-out info on the Boss from the Allo site - are there any other documents on I2c communication / programming?
Do you have any references on the python code to do this? Sorry - really new to this and don’t know what to ask. Really appreciate your patience!

I see some examples like this: is this all you have to do to talk to the lcd? what address do you use for the lcd?

import lcddriver

lcd = lcddriver.lcd(0x???) #address of display
lcd.lcd_display_string(“line1 string”, 1)
lcd.lcd_display_string(“line2 string”, 2)

Hi mate,

The I2C bus can have multiple devices, the subsequent ones will be given a different address. I have no idea how to write python sorry, can’t help you with that. What are you trying to accomplish? Maybe a plugin already exists for you needs.

Hi - thanks it’s just I was researching the lcd and found this post allo-boss-t5903-40.html:

And I never saw that it got resolved.

Which made me confused about interfacing to an LCD through IC2 with the Allo Boss connected. Have not tried it yet myself since I don’t have an LCD yet. Just wondering if you got it sorted out in regards to addressing the LCD. Looks like the ALLO also had the pinout wrong at the time?

It looks like you just have to use the correct lcd output address - and it’ll work right?