Raspberry Pi2 Model B observations - Volumio 1.55

Having received the new Raspberry Pi 2 Model B I was anxious to experience the results of the Volumio version1.55 distribution. Here are some of my quick observations and setup.

Modified the /boot/config.txt file.

gpu_mem=16 hdmi_drive=2 safe_mode_gpio=4 max_usb_current=1 dtoverlay=iqaudio-dacplus dtparam=act_led_trigger=heartbeat

By default the USB ports are limited to 600mA.
With the new option, this is increased to 1200mA.

safe_mode_gpio=4 max_usb_current=1

Heartbeat pulse on the ACT LED


The setup includes the Edimax EW-7811Un wifi dongle and a USB hard drive so increased USB current was required.

Faster Music Player Daemon Database Updating as compared to the Raspberry PI Model B+ is great.

With the IQAudio Pi-Dac+ we are now able to play DSD64.dff and DSD64.dsf files 352.8kHz with no dropouts. These are Direct Stream Digital formats. Realtime on-the-fly DSD to PCM conversion is required as the IQAudio Pi-Dac+ does not support native DSD playback. MPD understands the file formats dff and dsf. This is a significant upgrade for me as it all works flawlessly over the I2S serial bus.

So far the upgrade to the Raspberry Pi2 Model B is a positive experience.