Raspberry Pi Zero Wifi Setup

I’m having a few problems setting up a Volumio (2.699) device using a headless Pi Zero 1.2. I’ve done this on a Pi Zero W before, using the hotspot method fine.

The only difference is I’m using a USB Wifi adapter - TP Link TL-WN823N with the Pi Zero 1.2. After the initial long boot, I can see the Volumio hotspot in Windows and Android. Yet, when I try to connect with “volumio2” password, I get an error saying Access to the Network is denied. I assume this is something to do with the Wifi adapter, as the built in Wifi with Pi Zero W worked fine for the hotspot on the Windows and Android devices.

I also tried to setup Volumio on an original Pi 1 B, and had the same issue with this same Wifi adapter. I overcame that using an Ethernet cable instead, but that’s not an option on Pi Zero.

Any ideas how to overcome this, or if there is anyway to configure Wifi on the SD Boot partition using a Windows laptop, like I have done with Raspbian before?

So, I’ve narrowed it to the TP Link TL-WN823N adapter. Doesn’t appear to be compatible with the hotspot mode in Volumio.

What USB ethernet adaters are compatible with Pi Zero + Volumio.