Raspberry Pi Zero W with v2.599 not connecting to network

I’ve recently updated Volumio to v2.599. However, it’s now not connecting to my home network, but instead is automatically creating its own hotspot. I see that there were problems with v2.598, but the forums suggest that these have been fixed in v2.599.
Is anyone else having issues? Any ideas as how to fix this issue?
I’ve checked my wpa_supplicant.conf and this has the correct network ssid and passphrase, so think it may be something more complex.


Have you tried to set your region on Volumio?
This post may seem helfpul: https://forum.volumio.org/trouble-connecting-rpi-home-wifi-t6471.html#p31947

Thanks for the suggestion. But I tried this without success.
It still seems to initially connect to my wireless network, then drops out and reverts to the hotspot.
As it’s bank holiday weekend in the UK (and so I’ve time), I’ve decided to roll back to an earlier version v2.586 which I know was working ok.