Raspberry Pi Zero 2 not booting Volumio

are you using Volumio 2 with this ?

No, this is Volumio 3.0 rc 1

// Volumio 3 RC1 - Open Beta Testing - #2 by volumio

As dvo mentioned, I am using Volumio 3.0

someone managed to run volumio 2 on rpi zero 2 with working wifi?

Also trying to get Wifi working on the Pi Zero 2 on Volumio 2.
Volumio 3 is not an option, as it is missing some plugins I need.

Unfortunately we will not put more effort in Volumio2, as Volumio3 will be released very shortly.
What are the plugins you miss?

LastFM Scrobbler, and Snapcast.

I am aware of the MyVolumio multiroom functionality in Volumio 3, but unfortunately my wallet doesn’t really allow me to pay the subscription for that :grimacing:

Heya, I tried doing this but the wifi hotspot never show up for me.
Using a USB dongle too.
Did you overwrite files?

You may not have the same dongle as @kaybee61, not all dongles work

I got the RPi to boot, connected using a wired LAN dongle and then got the USB wireless working.
But then found most of Volumio didn’t work.
I have given up on it at the moment.

That’s really disappointing. Thanks for letting us know.
I wish I knew Volumio 2 was never going to get Raspberry Pi Zero 2 support before I bought one.

Volumio 3 simply doesn’t can’t do what I need it to do yet.

What is it that is vital to you but still missing?
People may be able to help knowing your wishes.

I basically just need the Snapcast server and client plugins.

I don’t know whether this will help you, but I have done this:

I have Volumio 2 running on a pi4 as my Snapcast server.

I have installed raspbian bullseye on my pi Zero 2 and then added the snapcast client. (i.e. no Volumio on the zero 2) The pi Zero 2 now happily plays synchronised content. Obviously it doesn’t give me all the functionality of Volumio, but it does give me a battery powered satellite speaker which is basically what I was after.

That’s a really good tip, that hadn’t occurred to me at all (but actually getting off-topic).