Raspberry Pi Touch Display didn´t work any more

Hey Guys,

after the last Patch the Raspberry Pi Display is only black after booting. A new installation didn´t fixed the Problem. I use der Raspberry Pi 3 with the offialial 7 Zoll Display.

Thanks for your tips.


Are you referring to Volumio version 3.233?

Do you see any error message when enabling the Touch Display plugin? If so, what is it telling?

If possible connect to Volumio via SSH and post the result of

cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log

Hi gvolt,

Version: * Version of Volumio: 3.198 ok i start a update.
No error Message.
Log Result:
volumio@kuechenradio:~$ cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log

Sry. for the pictures. I can´t post the Text because of the “links”.


Ok, Volumio 3.198 is what the log in your first post showed, too. This should not be a problem.

Do you see the Volumio logo on booting and Volumio’s login screen when the Touch Display is disabled?

Yes the Update didn´t changed it.

Yes I see the Volumio logo on booting ans also the Volumio login screen. What Intresting is I also can see the mouse.

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Please post the result of

chromium-browser -version

I use the Pi only for Volumio with the standart default flash from herehttps://volumio.com/en/get-started/:

volumio@kuechenradio:/usr/bin$ chromium-browser -version
-bash: chromium-browser: command not found

Where should I check the Chromium Version?

In the terminal when you are connected to Volumio via SSH.

The result you posted indicates that there probably was a download error when installing chromium-browser which happens in the background when the Touch Display plugin is installed.

I suggest to

  • Uninstall the Touch Display plugin.
  • Enable “Plugins Test Mode” on http://volumio.local/dev; maybe you have to use the IP address of your Volumio system instead of “volumio.local”.
  • In the plugin store click on the “Details” button for the Touch Display plugin and choose “Install v3.3.5(beta)”. Unlike 3.3.1 this version detects download errors and cancels the installation of the plugin.
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@gvolt Now it is Working. Thank you very much!

How I shoul Update in future? Also in Plugins Test Mode?

I don’t know if updating from a beta to a stable version is possible, but I guess not. At least installing a newer beta version requires to uninstall the plugin at first.