Raspberry Pi Model A Airplay zone


I had a spare Model A Raspberry pi (no ethernet and one usb) & Auspi RT5370 based usb wifi adaptor and was looking to create an airplay zone for my daughters bedroom.

I leave my phone in her room playing music to help her go to sleep but thought using airplay would be a better option, I wouldn’t need to sneek in to get my phone later.

I was going to install airpi on raspbian when I came across your site.

I installed Beta 1.1 on the SD card but I had a problem, I needed ethernet to make the initial connection to view the webui and the model A doesnt have ethernet.

I found an unpowered 3 port usb hub with an ethernet port I already had so I plugged in an ethernet cable and plugged the wifi adpator into one of the usb slots on the hub.

This was really buggy and crashed the pi if left longer than 10 minutes or so, so I booted into the Pi, quickly set the wifi up (the Auspi was recognised automatically) and rebooted this time with just the wifi adaptor in the only usb port on the pi.

I plugged some cheap speakers into the headphone jack on the pi and changed the airplay name.

This set up is really simple and does the job and Im interested now in exploring what else it can do with the set up.

At $60AUD all up its half the price of an airport express.