raspberry pi constantly fails and requires re-init

I initialize an sd card with volumio and my Pi boots right up. I configure it to access music from my nas and it works great for 2-3 days. Then it doesn’t respond. I power cycle the Pi and… nothing. Never acquires an IP address from my router. Never even a DISCOVER packet. So I re-init the chip and set it up again. 2-3 days later the same. Is this not meant to keep running? I never power off the Pi. Is there any way for me to get at the logs to see what the heck is happening? I thought maybe the problem was the MPD log filling the chip but I made the changes to dramatically reduce that log and it made no difference. Any suggestions?


BTW I know the Pi is good. I switched back to a Logitech Media Server client and it ran continuously for a week, but I really like Volumio with the tablet client apps that are available. Prior to trying this the LMS would run for months and never have an issue.