Raspberry PI B+

Just started to use Volumio on a B+ and I can’t get any audio out.

I have used the same SD card on an old B model and that works, so I know the image and my amplifier is okay, the amplifier at the moment is a cheap Maplins device connected to the audio out from the Jack.

The only difference is therefore the lead. I have checked this out and it is an old camcorder lead so I am aware that the audio out is not on the red and white leads, but one channel is on the video (yellow) and the second is red, ( could be white I am doing this from memory and have not got the kit in front of me) .

My question is can anyone confirm that they have got this image to work on a B+ ?

it all seems to be pointing to my lead, but I can’t see where at the moment, I have checked all the connections.



I have proved my lead and B+ are okay by installing raspbian and using sonic PI to create an output. When I put the Volumio image back in there is no audio output. The image works ok when installed into an original model B.

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if your not using a DAC make sure that in the settings you have no dac enabled
log in with SSH (i use bitvise SSH [because it supports SSH and FTP “out of box”] not putty)
type raspi-config and press enter
some where in there is an audio output setting make sure you have that set up properly.
im not sure if volumio supports HDMI audio out

if using a dac you NEED to enable it in the settings (you cant just plug n play)

I have got no DAC enabled on the Volumio settings page
Audio output is set to ALSA,
Volume control mixer set to hardware,

Raspi-config had audio set to automatic.

Changing that to force output to the Jack sorted it, thanks for the help I am now listening to Internet radio!

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