Raspberry Pi B+ no USB, ALSA audio drops off, buggy

Hi there,

I was recommended Volumio on my Raspberry Pi B+ board after a few issues with RuneAudio…its is a basic B+ board and I am using 3.5mm analogue
output into my amp…the problems I have in regard to build 1.5 are:

  1. It doesn’t always detect the ALSA driver on boot up
  2. It doesn’t detect the USB stick on bootup
  3. Audio stutters.

After one or two reboots it set audio to ALSa, found the USBA stick, I could play audio, but it was stuttuering so I rebooted and then it lost ALSA, just
displayed a blank drop-down list.

DO I need to go into the sheel and change some settings? This is very unstable software if you tell me.

I do not know what might be causing the ‘detection’ issues you describe. From stability perspective, the software appears very stable for me. My RPI B+ with Hifiberry Digi+ is running (without powering it down) for weeks without any glitches.

It might be an idea to connect to the shell of your box (ssh is the easiest, volumio/volumio) indeed and check out what the system is detecting as available hardware during boot (dmesg, udev, etc.). It might very well be a more hardware related issue than software. One thing to check is your powersupply. Maybe try another one to see if detection goes better.

I have two USB power supplies one is 5v/2.1amp the other is an external battery pack with the following specs Capacity: 2200mAh

Input: 5V, 500mA

Output: 5V, 1.0A max

USB to Micro Cable

really sounds like a power problem. Did you try it with your 5V/2.1A power supply?