Raspberry Pi 4 8GB - cannot install - "This board requires newer software"

Have attached screenshot, hopefully can be viewed.

Trying to install Volumio (latest available image) on a Raspberry Pi 4b 8GB board, which also has a Pirate Audio Line Out DAC attached.

Any help appreciated or pointers as to what I can do (if anything) to get Volumio installed myself, thanks all.

Alright, got a little bit further. It seems the firmware is outdated.

so I got to figure out how to get that latest on the volumio image to boot it proper for the pi4 8GB model.

I ran into the same issue. Even installing the latest bootloader (2020-06-15) didn’t help.

Since the latest 32-bit Raspberry Pi OS (2020-05-27) boots just fine on the Pi 4 8GB board, I’m tempted to copy the firmware & kernel files off the boot partition of an SD card loaded with this OS, to put into my Volumio SD card. Not sure if this alone would be sufficient, though.

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This is a known issue and being looked into:

You could use the beta buster images (Volumio Debian Buster Beta - Raspi images debugging), but be aware it doesn’t have the any of the myVolumio features!


Thanks buddy. Have that all up and running now on the Pi 4 8gb and outputting audio on the Pirate Audio Line Out DAC (set as hifiberry dac).

No display on the DAC though. I’ll search around see if I can pull up anything to help get that going now.

Excellent though, delighted to get Volumio running on the Pi4, thank you.

Thanks, @ashthespy!

Got the latest Volumio Debian Buster Beta up and running, and audio over HDMI is functional. However, I noticed any USB devices plugged into the Pi 4 USB 3.0 or 2.0 ports are not detected by the OS. This includes my Logitech USB dongle for wireless keyboard and my KEF X300A speakers. Volumio thus fails to list the X300A as a playback option.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Debian Buster will eventually catch up to supporting the VL805 USB 3.0 host controller on the Pi 4.