Raspberry PI 3B or 4 for sound quality?

agree, I also think the usb part plays better on a raspberry p4.

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My experience using Volumio outputting to USB Centrance DAC is that the RPI4 sounds noticably better…

I did not expect the 4 to sound better, but it does.

I’m currently using Volumio on a RPi3B (non+), with a Allo Digione (non-Signature), with a IFI power supply (5v 2.5A). Wi-Fi is disabled, a CAT 7 cable is connected to the Rpi3B.
Via the Allo Digione, a decent BNC to Coax cable is used to connect to a Schiit Bifrost 2 DAC.
Most of the time I use the Volumio Android App, but I also play around with the web gui a lot.
My “problem” is that a find the GUI, both via the App and via web-GUI, to be unresponsive to often. A lot of times, especially if i havent done anything else for a while but i want to change the music, there is a notable lag… it’s feels like the GUI fell asleep and is trying to wake up, wich takes up a lot of time, seconds, sometimes maybe even between 5 and 20 seconds before anything happens.

Question is, will a RPi 4 handle this notable better then the Rpi 3…?
I read somewhere here that the Rpi has better IOPS…
At the same time, Volumio is loaded in - and works from RAM memory… the Rpi 3 has 1 GB DDR2, the Rpi 4 has 2, or even 4 or 8 GB of DDR4… So more RAM and also a lot faster RAM, at least on paper.
Looking via SSH, via Putty, using “free -m” to check the RAM memory usage, I noticed used memory is 924 from a total of 969… So basically the Volumio OS is trying to allocate the complete 1GB DDR2 RAM memory.
I do realize that around 1/3d is probably cashed/buffered.
Still, I can’t help think that newer architecture of the Rpi4 with faster CPU, IOPS, more and faster RAM memory should help speedup the GUI, both webgui and Android App.

Anyone can give feedback on this? How is the performance of others specifically on the GUI, is a lag also notable on the Rpi 3 / Rpi 4 with others here?

(Getting a Rpi 4 would mean i would also have to get an new case, and far more expensive: a new decent power supply since the IFI is rated for 5v 2.5A, and the Rpi4 needs 5v 3A. So there is a notable cost of upgrading to the Rpi4. Hence I’m very interested in the experience of other Volumio/Rpi users regarding this subject)

Regarding the sleep behavior when accessing the volumio via Web Android interface I also observe it. I have an rpi4 2gb, so I do not think is related to rpi model, is more on volumio, but volumio dev could answer better.

I run 3 Pi 3B+ in my home. The most interesting setup (kitchen) is Allo Boss HAT with twin PSU; Ifi for Pi and LPS for Boss. although they only feed into analog input on a modest Denon M40DAB & Wharfedale Diamond 10.1 the result is so clean, clear and revealing of detail and musical subtleties.

Part of this setup I would never be without is a metal cased Switch TP-Link TL-SG105S (connected between my home network and Pi using Cat7 cable) This appears to buffer the Pi from network interreference.

The addition of this switch has to be heard to be believed; Stereo stage placement, detail, clarity and smoother sound are immediately evident. anybody with a Pi/Dac should try this at £11 its so very worthwhile.

Not wanting to use fans i have only added small adhesive heat sinks to the Pi’s but have never been aware of undue heat.I have never tried a Pi4.
I listen to Nas based FLAC files or stream FLAC from Radio Paradise. Having a Strong front end allows a modest amp/LS to shine. The PSU’s and switch are only present based on the perceived improvements they bring.

I’m using Volumio on a RPi3B+ with a Allo Digione in metal case, i recently bought this power supply: GE24I-MEAN WELL Switching Power Supply Manufacturer
(5V) , and before this wifi dongle: Vu+ Dual Band Wireless USB 2.0 WiFi-sovitin 600 Mbps & irrotettava antenni
in my home when i use Roon with Digione it work even faster with this wifi dongle than ethernet cable, also this power supply it is the best what i tryied this far, IMO. better than IFI or official RPI power supply. SQ is very good and everything work great !