Raspberry Pi 3B+ for Volumio.. today

Hi all, due to the impossibility of find today a Raspberry Pi 4 with an human price (also in the second-hand market), I’m thinking to buy a second-hand Pi 3B+

As Dac I have a Topping D10s, with Usb input ad rca output to a Cambridge Audio AXA35

The use is only for Spotify premium and web radio.

In your opinion is the 3B+ ok for my targets, or the difference with the Pi 4 is too big?

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For speed sake, you will be fine with PI 3.
PI4 is better if you plan to use a USB DAC, which seems your situation. With PI3 you might experience audio dropouts when playing very high res materials (like DSD and stuff higher than 24 192)

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the 3B+ will do fine on performance. One concern is that the USB bus is shared with the network port. This might cause interference with the audio.
Other option is to look for a Odroid board, as these are also supported by volumio. The only downside with them is a different GPIO lay-out. So depending on your requirements for GPIO it might be a issue.
I am running Volumio on a Odriod N2+ which is running smoothly.

Or if you are OK with a x86 machine…

Tinker Board would also be an option :slight_smile:

Tinker unfortunatelly is too much expensive for me now :grin:

Ok, so I can assume that the difference, in terms of quality, is appreciable choosing Pi4 instead of Pi3 B+

Well, I’ll continue to wait for find a good occasion of a used Pi 4 :relieved:

Thanks for all your replyes!!

Seems all received a 100% price increase…

These guys ship to EU

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And still a reasonable price 50 Euro including shipment, for sure beats the price of 160 euro for a 3B+…

Thanks for the link!

Shipping for Italy costs 20£, the amount is 56.20£, or 70€, that is in my opinion too much for what Raspberry is :pensive:

Please google on the rPi4-2GB as they seem still available, 4 and 8GB are everywhere in backorder with eta between 1-3 months, if those batches haven’t been sold-out already.
Currently with all backlogs in the chip market they will be more expensive.
Since you’re only interested in spotify and webradio I should go for the Dell. As that will do the job, or even use an old laptop If you don’t need GPIO.

Thanks Wheaten, Dell is very interesting, but I prefer the raspberry solution for the presence of the GPIO :smiley:

Pihut is great, super fast shipping in the UK. Stock often take a week or two. Zero 2 and Pi4 were out a couple of weeks a go but came back quickly. I’m wondering about selling everything that has a microchip at the moment to make money, better than crypto right now :rofl:

yeah was thinking the same. Have 3 rpi4-8GB and 3 rpi3-B+. But then I have no heating/light/music…


I have some silicon gold as well (new in box Pi4) :wink: :money_mouth_face:

Ok, found a new Pi 4B 2GB… 75€ :unamused:

Too much, but I need for it, and I’ve payd less for a new one than for a sencond-hand one.

Thanks for all your answers!

the UK one was 5€ cheaper…
But at least you have one.

Yes, finally!

I choosed the 5€ more because I found it on amazon, so I’ll have it in 3 days and for any problem I’ve amazon guarantee

Now on amazon it costs 100€ again!

I’m very happy, and I’m very curious to try Raspberry with volumio and the dac Topping D10s!

Well, I think you’re gonna like it. I have tried them all, from MoOde, Picore, Ropiee, Roon, Audirvana and JRiver, But Volumio stands out.
Yes there are still some- or very specific issues and missing things, but they are moving forward. Interface is logic, without any vague options to set that needs to be googled first. on top they even have 2 Volumio empowered devices with the EISA best product award.

Happy to hear you say that!

I am looking forward to having the Raspberry here :star_struck:

Do you know a link with some tricks to empower Volumio with a Raspberry board?