Raspberry PI 3B+ don't [play radio after a minute

Hello Volumio users,

i have a Raspberry 3PI with a Allo Boss HAT. I use now Volumio 3. For my vacation there was no problem playing the radio, but after 6 weeks Volumio play the radio for a few seconds and then stops… I tried a few times to install Volumio again, but no succes. I hope somebody can help me.
I am just a user and not a technician… Many thanks. FRank

Hello @FrankFrance. When you reinstalled Volumio, how far did you get? Can you see your Volumio in a browser? Or is Volumio visible and it’s just the radio that is not working? Can you play music files from a USB drive for example?

Hi Simon, thanks for your quick reply. Volumio works fine so far, just the Radio don’t work ok. I didn’t do anything in my vacation, just total power off and for the rest nothing… so strange.
Thaks again. Frank

That’s odd. Is it all radio stations, or just one in particular?

No everything don’t play… Indeed it’s very strange … i will try to install everything new again… who knows…