Raspberry Pi 2 + Volumio: non-linear volume control


I would like to use Raspberry Pi 2 + HiFiBerry DAC+ together with Volumio.
At the moment, I don’t have the HifiBerry yet, thats why I am testing without.

Here is the Problem:
The volume control is very non-linear from 0 to 100%.
Between 0% and 80%, there is almost nothing to hear - very very silent.
Beginning with 80% the volume increases dramatically up to 100%.

I am using an iPhone for remote control, and it is very hard to control the volume in a sensible way via touchscreen, when I can only use the last 20%.

The curious thing is: When I use Pi Music Box instead of Volumio, it is perfect. But I love Volumio and I don’t want to give it up.

Any ideas?

I compared /usr/bin/alsamixer levels with volume control settings

Hi !
In the future version, Volumio2 you can change the volume curve mode (linear or natural). If you want to test : updates.volumio.org/pi/volumio/0 … pi.img.zip but don’t forget it is still in heavy development.

I would like to integrate the RPi in a big music box for festivals.
I can not deal with crashes and instabilities.
I need a field proven software :frowning:

Any way to solve my problem manually with Volumio 1.55?

I was curious and tested your latest beta build just for fun:

I have to separate between volume control via web interface, and volume control via MPD client:

Web Interface:

  • linear -> exactly the same like before
  • natural -> web interface setting does exactly match to alsamixer!

MPD client:
Seems that this only works fine with “linear” mode. I can not see any changes in web interface, when I change volume in MPD client.

Thats not a solution for me => I need it working with mpc :frowning:

I am running Volumio 2 with AMP+
I have set:
Volume Control = natural

I end up with a practical working range from 50 to 80.
Is there a way to enter a logarithmic (loudness) curve for volume control?

Natural is logarithmic…

Okay - how can I spread the working range? I have limited the maximum to “80” already.

I will make a new feature (but only with software volume, as hardware volume is predefined and we canno change it) to set min and max…

Thanks for your fast response.

Is the AMP+ HW or SW controlled?

Would it be possible to provide a 3rd loudness curve, which gives better control in the < 50% range?

It is HW controlled…

Let me know what would be your ideal set of settings, so I can see how to implement it…

Well, as far as I am concerned you should start to hear something from around 10% onward - 100% means full power.
Or 10% roughly -40dB attenuation, 100% = 0dB

Thanks a lot

In this case, it’s not volumio that controls at what level you hear, but the DAC itself and its parameters (set by firmware…)