Raspberry Pi 2 + Volumio + DAC + Display + control via GPIO

Hello music lovers, Volumio freaks and all others that like to come here.

I´m starting a car hifi project and want to use Volumio + a raspberry Pi as media player.
I want to use a (small) display to integrate into the cockpit / instrument panel.
Music files will be played from an USB stick / HDD.
DAC used is an ESS9023 Audiophonics.
Next to standrad functions like play, pause, next, fast forward etc. I would like to browse the content and see file/track information, using a rotary switch.
The display used will be a 1602 / 1604 or a OLED 1,8 inch or simulair sized type. Control buttons/switches via the GPIP to keep things simple.
Power management is not an issue, I´ve figured that out already (Buck converter as pre-regulator and a low noise lineair as post-regulator).

Is there some that has already made up a setup like this? Can anyone help me with basic information, guidelines, advise, necessary software/plugin-ins, suitable display etc. etc. to get started?
Is it possible to use a 160/1604 display via the GPIO´s together with the push buttons / switches?

Looking forward to your replies!!!

Kind regards,

I don’t remember the name, but someone posted on here in the last couple of months with a similar project. Try a search …, and when you’ve finished your project please feel free to write a guide for others following in your footsteps.