Raspberry Pi 2 Audiophile with Volumio and 7″ Touchscreen

Hello audio guys,
i had much traffic on my site. I looked what the visitors are looking for. So i registered me in this forum and make this article more popular.

You can download my finished image here: https://www.computerhilfe-wagner.de/raspberry-pi-2-audiophile-mit-volumio-und-7-touchscreen/
The Credit Page is still there. Only the header logo changed.




Have a nice afternoon

This is so interesting!
First: you did a very good job, both mechanically as image-build-wise.

I have a Odroid C2 and a VU7+ touch screen which is still not functioning with Volumio, as these kind of screens are not (yet) supported by Volumio yet.
Can you enighten us on what you did to make your touch screen work with Volumio?

Vielen dank!

@Videopac did u wired your screen via HDMI or Pin?

Very nice indeed!!! Congratulations!!!

PS: Coincidence, today I’ve released a touchscreen plugin for Volumio…

I tooked a look… but i saw that you used chromium. It was on RPI B+ and RPI2 very slow. I use on my image Firefox with a keyboard plugin. It is fast and leightweight

Interesting. We can offer the option to use chromium or firefox in the plugin… Would you like to help?

Sure i can. But it might be so 1-4h in a week.

My new Project would be a “MagicMirror” with volumio. but im searching for the right mirror :confused: The case is ready and the hardware with amplifier is inside the case. A own speaker case is included in the mirror so u can stream/listen or watch tv with volumio and kodi. But kodi isnt so comfortable. Thats my opinion. The Volume control would be able with a gesture control sensor.

Too much and less time :neutral_face:

See hardkernel.com/main/products … 5981837236

So i ordered now an ODROID-C2 and will have a look. When it works i will write an article. I hope it will arrive this week so i can inform you :wink:

That would be nice, not only for me but for a lot of Odroid C2+Volumio users.
Thank you very much for your effort.

Wow!!! That will be fantastic… For the volume you could use an IR ping sensor… Let me know when you start, I’ll be happy to cooperate…


Did you have a direct email? So that we stay in contact?

Yes, use the contact section of the website, I will reply with my personal mail.

Short information.
I updated my image: computerhilfe-wagner.de/ras … uchscreen/

I dislike the new touchscreen Plugin. Ok the chromium multitouch is nice but this one make the Raspi slowly.
Another point is the Desktop enviroment. I need one for enter some proxy and vpn data.

So have a nice day :wink:

Da mir das Touchscreen Plugin nicht gerade sehr zusagt hat, habe ich nun wieder eine eigene Version erstellt.

Diese beinhaltet wie in meiner ersten Version eine Desktop Umgebung, sowie Kalibrier Möglichkeiten.
Da mir das Touchscreen Plugin nicht gerade sehr zusagt hat, habe ich nun wieder eine eigene Version erstellt.

Diese beinhaltet wie in meiner ersten Version eine Desktop Umgebung, sowie Kalibrier Möglichkeiten.

Load touch driver on startup.
Xinput Calibrator configured.
Mouse remves after 5 seconds.
Standart Video output HDMI
Firefox starts at localhost:3000 (Volumio GUI)
Bootscreen changed.
Network-Manager and Openvpn installed. (Makes the Network connection easier)
Did for 7inch Touchdisplay. (changes in in boot/config.txt)
Screensaver removed
Powermanagment deactivated
Compatible up to Pi B+/PI2/PI3 (PI3 make problems with the onboard WiFi!)
Touchscreen Keyboard added.

Die Touchtreiber werden sofort geladen.
Xinput Calibrator konfiguriert.
Mauszeiger verschwindet nach 5 Sekunden.
Standart Bildausgabe HDMI
Firefox startet sofort auf localhost:3000 (Volumio GUI)
Bootscreen wurde verändert.
Network-Manager sowie Openvpn wurde installiert. (Zur besseren Verbindung mit Wireless Lan Netzwerken)
Ausgelegt ist das Image für ein 7″ Kapazitiv Touchdisplay. (veränderung möglich in boot/config.txt)
Bildschirmschoner entfernt
Powermanagment deaktiviert
Kompatibel zu Pi B+/PI2/PI3 (PI3 macht Probleme mit dem W-Lan!)
Touchscreen Tastatur hinzugefügt. Erscheint sobald man in ein Eingabefeld tippt.


thanks for your work ! your solution seams to be a little bit more efficient (speed) than the plugin way used by “official Volumio”, and i like the virtual keyboard. But i’m in search for a solution to install some screensaver on it. Do you have any tip for this ?

PS : i’ve installed it on RPI 3 + local official 7 touchscreen


Hello and thank you for your support. Yes you can activate the screensaver and change the pictures of it. Just edit the /etc/xdg/lxsession/LXDE/autostart

delete following lines:
@xset s noblank
@xset s off

or # them.

Then open ssh and kill chrome or firefox/iceweasel. Then u see the normal Raspbian GUI and you are able to edit the screensaver :wink: :astonished: :astonished: