Raspberry pi 1 model b installation

Trying to install latest version of Volumio on Rasp 1 model B with 16GB sdcard

Flashed SD card and tried to bring up volumio.local and…nothing. Ethernet plugged into pi and no network lights on.

Since I’m using a very old version of the pi can someone confirm the latest version of Volumio will run on it.

Assuming latest version of Volumio will run on my pi are there any additional/special steps I need to tale to get it to work ?


Browsing to volumio.local does not always work, especially on Windows. Check in your router which IP address was assigned to the Pi, and try to reach it by entering that address in the browser directly.

It should still work on an R-Pi 1b, but do not expect much in terms of performance. The webUI will be very slow to respond, especially if you would install additional plugins like Spotify. But give it a go, and if you like Volumio you can upgrade to a newer board :slight_smile: