Raspberry 4: best i2s dac?

Thanks to all I think at this point I will choose an external dac for ease of use and quality

It’s funny, I own the same set - pi2aes + Sabaj D5, connected via i2s. Btw I can hear difference between the i2s and coaxial output, and i2s sounds better to me; this is strange because the coaxial spdif showed best results at audiosciencereview.com for pi2aes.
But actually it’s possible to connect rpi i2s output directly to the dac, but the wires must be very short, ≤ 10cm. I tried it with a pcm5122 dac board from aliexpress, and it works.

Nice. What speakers/amp do you have?

Plinius 9100 & Dynaudio Contour 1.3 + REL Q50.

Ooo you have a much more resolving equipment that’s probably why you hear the difference

Do you have a schematic of how to connect the DAC like i2s?
does volumio recognize the dac normally by selecting i2s source?

I am surprised that no one here recommends HifiBerry. What do you say about the combination HiFiBerry DAC2 HD + DSP Addon Board.
Or who wants digital HiFiBerry Digi2 Pro + DSP Addon Board.

I think at the price-performance ratio HiFiBerry for RasPi is not a bad choice?

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Take a look a the PecanPi DAC:

I have quite a few customers here, maybe they will chime in.

Let me know if you have any questions.