Raspbarry pi can't read Kingston DataTraveler 128GB


I have playning with my raspbarry pi and Vorlumio fore some time now. And i really like it - good job.

Today i got a Kingston DataTraveler I (G4) - 128GB, I can see it as usb, but can’t see or read the files.

Do any of you have any solutions?

I also bought a Hifibarry. Witch I am looking forward to receive.

Kind regards


Just plug the USB drive before turning on the PI. Then, log into webui, menu -> library -> Update DB

your files should now appear in the browse section…

Let me know!

Thanks for your replay michelangelo and your good work : )
I tryed that yesterday, and it did not work.

Today I formatted the stick to NTFS.

Then I had to:
Restart MPD and Update up MPD database a couple of time.
And then I could see all the files and play them : )

Kind regards


Good to hear! Hope you’re finally enjoying your music! I am sure with hifiberry that would be an extremely enjoyable liquid music player…

Let me know