random track order when queuing


I’ve double checked and try with different formats and folders, but the problem remains.

The tagging and track order is perfect in the browser view. I rechecked all the tags on the files and there are perfect either.

There was no problem when we were using Volumio 1 (with a USB attached disk).

The problem emerge with Volumio 2. The data is currently on a NAS on the network. There is also no problem on Kodi on another Raspberry Pi.

When I want to play, add and replace, … etc … the track order in the playlist is always wrong and complete random …

What could be wrong ? :confused:

I’m sorry but I don’t really understand, completely wrong in which sense?

sorry if my post is not clear

when queuing a full CD, the track order is messed up, randomised …

the track order (track 01, track 02, track 03 … etc) is randomised when added to the playlist, even if it is display correctly in the browser

I did a reboot and it seems to have resolved the problem … strange

after a few teste … it is in fact NOT working.
The queue window is not managing and reading the TAG from the files correctly … ? It lists the track according to the file name only, or randomly … :-/

It is working when the file name is formated as “%track% - %title%” for exemple …

So the browser reads and display the correct TAG from the file, but the queue window lists the track randomly …

Is someone having the same problem ?

Volumio 2 is sometimes ordering tracks in the queue like this :



Ok, so it’s not ordering them as per Track number but alphabetically, right?


The previous version of Volumio didn’t had that problem.

Running on RPI2 + Pi-DAC+

The queue was always correct, according to the track numbering at least.

I’ll revert to version 1.5 as long as it is not resolve … the library is too huge to start renaming all the files.

Is it a bug in Volumio ?

Are you adding to queue an entire folder, right? I’m asking cause we want to solve this bug…

Yes, a whole folder containing tracks or even, for some opera, a whole folder containing 2 to more folders …

It happens with the 3 functions: play, add to queue and add to playlist

I guess I wouldn’t happend if I was adding tracks by tracks … :slight_smile:

Is it a known bug or am I the first one to report it ?
I guess people are mostly using spotify … pitty because your system can really deliver much much more …

Yes, you’re the first to report this. We’re looking on how to solve it, it won’t be easy but we’ll do it :wink:

I really love your project ! Thanks for the work !

I’ll make a new donation soon ! :wink:

Thank you Enzo! Enjoy it !

PS: Where do you live?

I’m from Brussels. I’ve already donate but it was not that much … next time I’ll improve my collaboration ! :wink:

Where are you from ?

Your name suggested you were italian, that’s why I was asking… I live in Florence…

My grandparents moved to Belgium more than 50 years ago … :arrow_right:

I had the same problem, this is how I found the thread. I am using a mobile app to control it and the UI could be improved. The Random, Repeat, and Consume, when active, become just a few shades darker compared to when they are not active. You have to toggle the on and off to see how subtle the indication is. So just check to make sure you are not in the random mode.

Had the same issue but did not ask for help.
As said before, the development of the Volumio UI will never end…

[b]Just rename all your files with an ‘0’ prefix to single numbered tracks:
1 - title.flac -> 01 - title.flac

You can use a tag editor to process files names.
EasyTAG (for Linux) does it very well[/b]

And then rescan your library (and wait : there is no sqlite library with Volumio)
And then review your playlists (no Volumio process will do it)
And your favorites too (Same thing)

Be aware to the track# id tag too.
With 2 digits or not dunno if Volumio does handle this tag for queue
As text or as integer.
Dunno what Volumio will do with track numbers it in the future

But be prepared to always rescan your library and rework all your playlists :slight_smile:
That is sad i know…