random / shuffle bug volumio-2.001-2016-10-15


just did a fresh install of volumio-2.001-2016-10-15 and got amazed :wink: fantastic work, thumbs up particularly for the library function!

However, I got troubles with random / shuffle playback from the queue: If “random” is activated and I manually click “next track”, a randomly chosen track is played as expected. But if one track just finishes, then the very next on in the queue is played without any randomizing. Is this a known issue with any workaraound?

Thx, oli

Have only tested with short lists in the 2.011 version and random seems to work!
You can reflash with the 2.011 image below and test yourself


that sounds great, I’ll try later today. Thank you!

with version 2.011 random playback works fantastic :wink: thanks a lot, SonosKiller