Random restarts and no login to my volumio

I have a Pi4 with Nanomesher Dac2 with 1.3 Screen.
Volumio 2.729
Nanodac plugin 1.8.5
No other plugins installed.

I mainly listen to internet radio.
Recently I started having random restarts… No obvious reasons.
Logs are available… They are full of that

Apr 22 16:13:06 music volumio[1110]: info: CoreCommandRouter::volumioGetState Apr 22 16:13:06 music volumio[1110]: info: CoreStateMachine::getState

Also I cannot login to My volumio. Only to signup. If I press the login button nothing happens…Really strange behavior.
Any ideas?

I reset to default settings re installed plugin
but the problem continues…
Any ideas please?

IMHO it can be the nanosound plugin…
Cany you please send log and paste into an email to info at volumio dot org?
volumio.github.io/docs/User_Man … oting.html

I have the same impression…
I am sending you the logs. Before the reset and after.


Ok the login issue is resolved.

I installed in a brand new SD card a fresh volumio. Fresh nanomesher plugin.
But the reboots continue…

I am waiting for a new power supply just in case… I am out of ideas. Did the logs show anything?