Random play issues

Marvelous project guys! Sorry starting my presence on this board with a bunch of problems, but I’m used to post bug reports whenever I encounter issues to support the developers. I have 10 years+ experience in managing Debian/RHEL servers, so providing further debuging infos shouldn’t be much of a problem.

System: Raspi 2B + Hifiberry Digi+, Volumio 2.114 (fresh install on SD-Card, installation not altered)

Bug report: With 50+ tracks in the queue and the Random function being active, the playback stops randomly after finishing a track. It actually really stops playing, as the next track shows up on the screen, but the playback is halted for whatever reasons. When pressing play, the playback continues with the track shown…

Previous release did not exhibit simmilar issues – at least not on my box


I’m having the same issue. It seems to correlate directly with using the Random feature. Playing straight through the queue in order works with no problem. I’ve had to revert back to 2.041 and the Random feature is working with no problem.

For reference, these are probably about the same issue: