RAM Usage on RBP4 4gb - 3.5gb on idle?

Hi folks!

I am new to the Volumio community and loving it so far. What a great piece of software!
Searched the forums for this topic but couldn’t find an answer so started a new thread.

I’m using Rasp Manager app on android to monitor my RBPI4 (4gb RAM model) running Volumio (+ SSH) and noticed some odd behavior.

Memory usage is reporting 3584mb / 3950mb on idle.
From other posts I’ve read, I see people can get this running on machines with far less memory.

Wondering then what Volumio is doing with this much memory lined up. Is this expected? Feels like it’s hardcoded to fill up the memory to within ~500mb of max. What are the advantages of locking up this much memory?

Other background info, in case it’s needed:

  1. My library is ~2tb of hi-res flac+mp3 on a NAS
  2. RBPI is connected through wifi to the NAS
  3. No plugins installed on my Volumio build
  4. Looks like using Rasp Manager launches an instance of TOP on the machine, but I don’t think this requires 3+gb RAM! :slight_smile:

hi folks! no insight into why Volumio is using 3.5gb RAM by default?

just wondering what exactly is using all that ram! is something being cached?