ram play

Hi, guys! Almost everything works fine for me with volumio 1.1 rpi. What i’m really interested in is playing out of ram! It’s hard to get answers in this case, but i have read that some played ram here successfully. So PLEASE can someone give me a hint how to upload files into ram? I’m definitely not able to do it.



if your volumio is in the same workgroup as your Client-PC you should see a directory \volumio\Ramplay. Drop your music in it and update mpd-Database.

Thanx a lot!
I saw that directory when I was connected via ethernet, but now via wlan it’s lost although I can connect with volumio.
I’ll check it out

I suppose it’s a problem of arp-cache/network-browser-cache of your client.

Yeah! Ramplay works- sounds a bit better than playing from hard disk.
Thanks again!

Sorry for the silly question but what is ramplay and what are the advantages?

It is my understanding that Ramplay creates a virtual drive within RAM. Therefore you can upload files to this ‘drive’ that’s actually in RAM. This cuts out the bottleneck of playing from a disk drive. Supposedly it provides super clean playback of files. This is what I’ve gathered from the info on RaspyFi.

If I’m correct, the amount of music that could be uploaded depends on the amount of RAM. The RPi only has 512MB of RAM so you would only be able to load a few high quality audio files. What would be nice is if it had the functionality to take a playlist and load several songs into ram as a sort of buffer. Like loading the next few songs actively into ram if you were listening to an album, or even if you were doing shuffle it could go ahead and load the next few songs into ram instead of having to search the drive for the next song wasting precious milliseconds as well as being able to provide the clean audio quickly.

My UDOO arrived today, but still waiting on a card reader. Soon I will be able to start testing the full functionality of this software.

I second the idea of using the Ram Play concept as a buffer


I just set up Volumio 1.55 on an Odroid C1 and it works nicely. Still there is one thing. As people already mentioned when connecting via wifi I do not see the ramplay folder. I would prefer to play through ramplay because the usb HDD is connected to the C1 directly and I do not want it to spin the whole time I am listening to the music. I would prefer to load a whole album into ram. So how can I fix this problem? Some say the devices have to be in the same workgroup but neither on my main (windows 7) computer nor on the router did I find a possibility to integrate my iphone and the C1 into the workgroup. If someone coud enlighten me. The other possibility would be to put the playlist file on the C1 eMMc card. I suppose it is on the SD card does anybody know I could do that?

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