Radio streams

I mostly use Volumio to listen to Radio streams and Volumio has problems with the Radio 538 stream (Dutch radio stations)

When I choose the stream Volumio jumps to the next stations in de PLS-file. I have 3 URL’s but none of them works.
I tried different Pi’s at different locations (home, work) wifi or LAN and i also tried some different settings (buffer) but no effect!

Yesterday I replaced my SD-card for another one with " Pi MusicBox" and surprisingly 2 of the 3 streams worked without problems?
Can Mopidy handle these streams and MPD not?

I have tested the streams at my laptop (Ubuntu with mpd/mpc) and only the last one failed.


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The last two week I am using Pi MusicBox (home and office) and two of the three streams are working perfect. The streams based on AAC doesn’t work either on PiMusicBox maybe due to missing the right decoder.

We are playing Radio 538 from 07:300 until 17:30 without poblems while using Volumio the streams dropped very often. Swichting chanels solved the problem for a while.