Radio features

Hi everybody,

I have installed at work a raspberry pi with Volumio as audio box for me and my colleagues. Most of the time, we play internet radios and I have easily added plenty of regional radios (internet cast of DAB+ radios). Volumio is definitely a perfect solution for me! Thank you for your job.

These webradios send in there cast the name of the current show or the played music. The trouble is that, then, in the playback label, only the name of the current music is written. So there is no way to know which radio is currently playing.

Would it be possible to add the feature that the “title” parameter of the pls file show up?

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This is also on my wishlist !

That’s right! And that shows bit rates. Regards.

+1 here !

And, still concerning the radio features, as Artmanh asked, it would be great if we could add a radio to a playlist (or even better, to configure an alarm with a radio instead of a playlist, which is a more logical way to deal with, indeed) to allow wake up with radios.


Hi There,

First of all many thanks for great work, really.

It will be great to be able set Web Radio as Morning alarm.

Nice Have function: WeekDay (Mon-Fri) /Weekend (Sat-Sun) Alarm

My Solution: JBL Horizon + RaspberryPI Zero W + JustBoom Zero DAC HAT = great morning wakep streaming solution.


  1. Web-radio playlist not always appear in Alarm Playlist list when they are saved.
  2. In case that they appear and I’m able to setup alarm, not always play as scheduled (almost never).