R-Pi Wont boot properly unless USB hub plugged in

So my R-Pi won’t boot properly unless I have the USB hub I have been using plugged in.

The hub powers the Pi, but also had a wireless KB in as well. If I boot the Pi without the hub plugged in, there are a lot of errors and the eth0 interface doesnt work. So I can’t ping the Pi or putty in?

It was previously working ok with just power and ethernet plugged in.

I can start again with a fresh volumio, but I’d prefer to solve the problem.

Any ideas?

So an update. The Pi boots fine with power from a phone charger without the usb hub plugged in. But if the power from the hub is used, the hub needs to be plugged in to the USB port of the Pi.

Perhaps that’s obvious? Not to me though!



How else would the power from your USB hub be used, if not plugged in to the USB port of the Pi? Do you mean it must be plugged in to a Standard USB as opposed to the Micro USB?

I would keep in mind that just because all usb source CAN provide power, not all USB power sources are the same in terms of quality and stability. I would advise keeping the connections between your wall wart plug and Pi as few (and as short) as possible.

Yes, what I mean is that if a “power” USB lead from the USB hub is plugged into the micro usb port of the Pi, then it won’t work unless a usb data lead from the same hub is plugged into a full usb port on the Pi as well.

With just the micro usb cable plugged in, the Pi is clearly trying to “mount” the USB hub and doesn’t find it. I’ll try and get the log off if it helps.

Is the micro usb socket just connected to power on the Pi or does it have the data lines connected as well?


Based on the discussion linked below, it looks like the data leads for the mircoUSB go nowhere… So it won’t try to mount anything from that.

raspberrypi.org/phpBB3/viewt … =24&t=8643