R-pi 2B + Volumio 1.55 + kingrex uc384

Hello guys,
I just bought new raspberry pi 2B and can’t use it as I planed to.
I use kingrex uc384 with my hifi dac(but that doesnt matter, couse DAC is works OK). (it work this way: Rapberry -> kingex -> hifi DAC -> my HIFI system).
Music was playing from my NAS connected using cifs.

So the problem is raspberry playing very fast with some distortions, webui’s timer runs as crazy. This effect similar to the effect of upscaling, but it’s not upscaling 'cos DAC plays these noisy sound and don’t display ant errors.

I also tried last voyage mubox image and the same problem has occurred.

About kingrex - it’s work ok on my cubox-i4 with voyage mubox, but i didn’t test it with volumio yet.

So guys, do you have any ideas what’s wrong ? Is it possible to use older version of volumio ? If so, where i can download it?
I can record noisy-music for you, if it helps :wink:

ps. Sorry for my English. that’s not my native language…