Quits after one song

My Volumio install (Pi2 + audioIQ-dac)just developed a new problem: it quits after one song. It had been working fine. I checked the faq and found the advice to click the circle icon (single) under the progress circle. That worked for that one play list. I loaded a new playlist and same problem. This time I cannot fix it. Has there been a buggy upgrade? (I have auto update "on’) Any help? This is REAL frustrating!

mpd has an option to stop after every single song, there have been cases that this got triggered even tough it isn’t in the WebUI. You’ll need to turn this of via the console to be certain. But i dont remember the command… :blush:

Can anyone help me with this? It is not easy, but I can hook up a keyboard and monitor. I have some experience with Linux and the command line doesn’t totally intimidate me (but maybe it should), but I know NOTHING about mpd.
Thanks for any help!

This is crazy. Volumio is totally useless like this. There MUST be someone out there who can tell me how to get to mpd and modify it back to continuous play!

You could do a fresh install if its to frustrating or search for a solution.

Any how, single mode is probably turned on.
Connect to the raspberry pi using ssh or keyboard and mouse.
Use the mpc command with single off.

mpc singe off

Try to trouble shoot some more or do a clean install, it could be faster