Questions about installing Volumio (x86)

Hi there!
I’ve been using Volumio (x86) on a minipc for a couple of months. Originally (and even now) Daphile was installed on the ssd of the pc, and Volumio resides on a usb stick from which I boot to use Volumio. Now I would like to transfer Volumio permanently to the ssd but I ask myself two questions.

  1. If I ask Volumio to install itself on the drive where Daphile is currently installed, will it be able to do so?
  2. By installing Volumio on ssd from the current stick, will I lose the settings, the library and the playlists that are currently on the stick or the install process will copy all on the ssd?
  1. Volumio is an OS in it’s own right. You cannot install it into another OS, so you would lose all content on whichever drive you install on. If you want to keep Daphile, then you will need to think again.

  2. Sorry, I am not familiar enough with the process to answer these questions. I suspect that you will lose all, but will be happy for you if not. :slight_smile:

I’ve taken the liberty of editing your topic title to include x86. Your questions are x86 specific, and different from the other supported devices.

Thank you.
I don’t want to install Volumio IN Daphile, I want to install OVER Daphile.
What I would like to understand is if the Volumio installation routine is designed to remove pre-existing partitions on the ssd and then install Volumio on a “blank” drive.

It will just overwrite whatever is on the ssd.

Ok, I took courage and launched the installation procedure. Whatever happens, I will continue to boot from the USB stick. Thanks again.

OK done. Seems to work smoothly, kept my preferences and playlists. Curiously, it was necessary to scan the library for it to regenerate.