Question about volumio x86 image


When selecting x86 it’s Written x86/x64 but it appears that the Debian is 32bit , am I missing something ?

Thanks in advanced

I think but am not sure (without a bit of searching) that Volumio is using the 32bit version of Debian … but that can be quite happily run on an x64 device.

it run on 64bit no issues there BUT with the limitations of 4GB memory limit on 32bit
better to change the title to only 32bit not to create confution

That’s not strictly true, as the Linux kernel has support for PAE, that gives access to up to 64GB of ram with a 32bit kernel.
Not sure of the Volumio builds enable the appropriate kernel feature or not.

Check uname -a it doesn’t have PAE

We do not follow the debian kernel naming, so PAE won’t show.
I don’t see the issue anyway, Volumio runs fine with 1-2 Gb, 4Gb is unneeded luxury and above is just irrelevant for our usecase.
My 2cts.

So extended memory is supported ? I have more than 4gb and it want recognize more than 4gb
But that’s fine 4gb is more than enough, I just thought to bring this up.
My problem is not the amount of memory , I compile the MPD on separate Debian machine (sacd support ) and this require me to use 32bit Linux which well is prehistoric

We would jump to a 64bit OS tomorrow, because it would also solve a few issues. But that would be slamming the door closed on users with (old) hardware only supporting 32bit. We unfortunately do not have the resources currently to support & maintain both an 32 and 64bit OS. And we may be forced drop support for 32bit in not to far future, Fedora/ Ubuntu already going that way

I think statistically the most volumio userS are arm based cpu so they won’t have any problem
You need to run really old computer that supports only 32bit , I don’t think they are still in use, especially Not for hi-hi

you have no figures to back your claim up, but yes, we have an issue with x86, and that is not an easy one to solve. Working on it for a while, convinced we have a solution soon. But, will never work for any possible setup. It is not just an “arm” board with fixed spec.