Question about Supstronics X400

Hi everyone
First of all, sorry for my bad English.
Well, It’s difficult to find some documentation about this amplifier. I’d like to use it with a RPi 2 B+ and some headphones; i own lots of in-ear earphones and a pair of over-ear headphones (Sennheiser HD598). My question is: do I really need this amp to drive in-ear earphone or over-ear headphones?

Thanks guys =)

You can of course use it, or just a DAC with a amplified headphone output. For example Iqaudio dac : You can add a coder to change for the volume control with physical button trough the DAC or of course from Volumio.

Thanks a lot!
The Iqaudio dac was the first product i saw and i was sure it would work, but it’s out of stock everywhere. However, to use the Supstronics X400 I just have to install it on the RPi, leave jumpers as they are (HP and mute) and use the RCA Output both for in-ear and over-ear, right?

I’ve got one of these board. And you have a headphone output (right to the volume control). Just choose iqaudiodac plus as driver in volumio setup

Thanks a lot :wink: