Qobuz - playlists

Good afternoon,

I can only see 50 songs per playlist (I do have a few with 500 songs each which is the limit for Qobuz). It does not make any difference if I click on play (the playlist), only the 50 songs (instead of the whole playlist) will be added to the queue.

Thank you for letting us know how this can be fixed.



I am also facing the issue discribed above.
I just subscribed to My Volumio to be able to use my Qobuz account with Volumio (on Allo Katana DAC), and it looks like my main Qobuz playlists are truncated. This is a bit annoying.
Can you please let us know if you plan to fix it ?

Thank you.

Working on that


I have the same problem.



Regarding qobuz Playlist :slight_smile:

  1. If I want to play a specific song I can not, I need to start play from start…
  2. Why I can play only a certain song from the Playlist
  3. Why I need to go to queqe to play a certain song and not playing from qobuz Playlist ? This is the most anoying behavior.
    Thanks , în rest I like it :slight_smile: