Qobuz on Volumio

Hi Volumio Devs

Great work I love myvolumio - using it via an Allodigione and I very happy with the quality.

I am also glad to see that Qobuz is now running well on volumio - since I had some issues in the past but these seem to have been fixed.

I am noticing one issue which I am not sure if you are aware of.

High Res content from Qobuz is being marked as being 96KHz 24bit when in fact it is 44.1KHz 24Bit. This is not a big issue but it could confuse some people who like to see at what quality they are actually streaming. I noticed this since my DAC clearly shows the actual streaming quality. Also in the Qobuz app I verified the maximum quality of the content I was playing.

Would like to see this being fixed.

Also - any change or integrating genres in Qobuz/Volumio?