Qobuz on Volumio

Hi Volumio Devs

Great work I love myvolumio - using it via an Allodigione and I very happy with the quality.

I am also glad to see that Qobuz is now running well on volumio - since I had some issues in the past but these seem to have been fixed.

I am noticing one issue which I am not sure if you are aware of.

High Res content from Qobuz is being marked as being 96KHz 24bit when in fact it is 44.1KHz 24Bit. This is not a big issue but it could confuse some people who like to see at what quality they are actually streaming. I noticed this since my DAC clearly shows the actual streaming quality. Also in the Qobuz app I verified the maximum quality of the content I was playing.

Would like to see this being fixed.

Also - any change or integrating genres in Qobuz/Volumio?


Hello Alex,

Where do you get the feeling that Qobuz integration works? Its actually really bad. Im running a Pi-4 with 8GB internal mem with a 32 GB disk. with a Qobuz studio Premier sub.
List if issues:

  • Loading My tracks takes ages. I have a 1 GB fibre as Internet connection directly attached to my router…
  • Skipping songs just skips randomly to as ogn but certainly not the next one as supposed to
  • Sometimes playlist or tracks don’t even load all together

From my point of view, the Qobuz integration works flawlessly. The display of the resolution is correct as it should. I compared it to the Qobuz app. I cannot see any delays in operation.
But it takes too long for the changes to my favorite albums and the news from Qobuz to be displayed.

I would also very much appreciate the expansion of a filter of genres in Qobuz / Volumio!
Even if you can see which genre it is on the album, it would be great, like in the Qobuz app.


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I just moved from Tidal to Qobuz and noticed that Volumio doesn’t play the songs all the way to the end. Next song starts at random point. Sometimes middle of the the song and sometimes near the end of the song that is playing.

Had no such issues with Tidal though. Any way to fix this?

EDIT: link to log: http://logs.volumio.org/volumio/Z0idHl0.html

EDIT #2: In my case the problem seems to happen more often when pausing a playlist that has songs from Qobuz.

I listen to music, then hit the pause button, when I have attend a meeting. After the meeting I press play and the song starts, but quickly skips to the next one. After a few songs, the skipping happens randomly and at some point doesn’t happen anymore.

Qobuz team. Please respond to one of these threads. Qobuz is an absolute mess right now. There is thread after thread on all these problems. Is anyone looking into this?

I had the same issues. Loading the beta build of version 3 fixed it for me.

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