Qobuz not playing

Just upgraded to Myvolumio from the free version. Did this explicitly for the Qobuz integration. Previously I was using bubbleupnp to get Qobuz into Volumio. Qobuz will not play. The message appears that it is playing, but nothing happens. It populates the playlist, but no sound. I am on a raspberry pi 2b with a hifiberry Digi card. Help me justify paying for the upgraded Myvolumio.

Just released a new version which fixed the issue. You’re looking for version 2.673

I had the same issue and can confirm Qobuz plays after downloading 2.673. Thanks!

All good! Nice job folks!

Having same issue on sparky board.
2.673 not yet available for sparky, so still on 2.672. Please build :bulb:


I have the same problem. It’s impossible to download thé 2.673 version for my Sparky Allo Usbridge

Please, help me to solce the problem.

Guys. I have just signed up for the free trial of Qobuz and logged in to this source on the Sources page on Volumio. The Qobuz icon now appears on the Home page and when I press it I am taken to a page that lists ‘My music’ with various icons for My Albums, Mt tracks, etc, etc. Below that is a heading ‘Discover’ with 5 more icons such as Qobuz Playlists, Press Awards, Selected by Qobuz…but nothing works when any of these icons are pressed. If I put an artist name in the search box Volumio then opens a list of Qobuz artists (that include the name) as well as a list of Qobuz Albums, etc. …the problem is that NONE of these will play either by pressing the album/track icon or trying to open the options on the far right side (the three dots)

I am more than disappointed that having signed up for the trial I can play nothing! Can anyone help me?

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Please do not post in multiple places, inviting multiple people in parallel to answer your question.

After a lot of searching (unfortunately not on these threads!) I discovered that when logging into Qobuz on Volumio you must put your email address into the field/box marked User ID not the user ID allocated to you when signing up to Qobuz. Once I did this the system came to life and has worked perfectly! I am very happy.

May I suggest that Volumio adds some more detailed instructions for new users of Qobuz on what is required to set up the streaming service on Volumio. The sound quality is superb and I will certainly maintain my subscription.

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